Vaal University of Technology New Qualifications for 2024

Vaal University of Technology New Qualifications for 2024

Vaal University of Technology

New Qualifications for 2024;

Since 1994 the South African education sector has gone through numerous trans-formative and structural changes. These changes focus on widening access to Higher Education and create opportunities for academic success. In 2024 VUT will introduce new courses (qualification) in order to align its offerings with national and international qualifications. VUT embraced these changes and as from 2024 the institution will offer Diplomas for first time entering students to Higher Education studies. The Diploma will replace the National Diploma. However, students who are enrolled in the National Diploma will be allowed to complete their studies or transfer to the new diploma according to their own choice. The Baccalaureates Technologiae (B Tech) and the Magister Technologiae (M Tech) qualifications’ registration will close in December 2024. These qualifications will be replaced with Masters and Doctorate qualifications. However, as from 2024 VUT will allow for student enrollments in Master and Doctorates if the student meets the minimum admission requirements. 2024 will be the last enrollment for B Tech. As from 2024 the B Tech will be substituted with two new qualifications namely, an Advanced Diploma and a Post-graduate Diploma allowing for articular

Vaal University of Technology: Applications 2024 – Apply to VUT

Vaal University of Technology (VUT) offers two method of applications namely using application formor online application.
When Should I Apply?
Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible in the application cycle. We urge you to apply as soon as you get your Grade 11 final results. The initial selection at VUT is based on your Grade 11 final marks or your most recent Grade 12 marks. You will only receive a firm offer once they have evaluated your final Matric marks. To study at VUT, you will need to have either a NSC or Matric certificate, or else the N3 certificate (minimum average of 60%).
To find out the additional admission requirements for specific courses and qualifications, follow this link.
Students can apply in the following two ways:

  • download the application form from the VUT website and follow the instructions

You need to post the hard-copy to the following address: