Department of Labour Learnerships

Department of Labour Learnerships

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The Department of Labour Learnership programme is the first step which the South Africans do for their learnerships. In other words, they have to be registered in the beginning before going to search the available programme. Department of Labour is a department which focuses to give unemployed people to get proper career in the future. This department usually provides some learnerships from South African companies and distributes the candidates to those companies who requires applicants. The candidates should be registered to this department firstly in order to make an easier way for unemployed persons in getting information from the companies.


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Besides of Department of Labour Learnerships, this department also offers some vacancies for the South African people. However, they have to follow the criteria before getting registered properly. Of course, the first requirement is South African citizen or ID card. You can copy your ID and attach it on your CV. Yes, Curriculum Vitae is the next criterion which should be made by the learnerships candidates of Department of Labour. The last requirement is the Application for Employment form. For this one, you have to use Z83 form and print. If you do not know where to find this form, just ask to the Public Service department.

How to Apply

Once all of the Department of Labour learnerships criteria have been completed, you should apply the application via post or email Every year they will open the recruitments since 1 April until 31 March next year. This gap of time is quite long and you will have big chances to complete and send your application. For detail information, you can access this link at It is the official website of Department of Labour which always online. There is also some phone number which you can call 24/7 in South Africa coverage. Remember, your CV must be comprehensive in order to be selected by them.