English Specialist Recruitment Opportunity at Etonkids 2024

English Specialist Recruitment Opportunity at Etonkids 2024

English Department Job Description
School Year 2024-2025
English Specialist
The English Specialist plays an essential teaching role an individual campus under the guidance of his/her Campus Principal and the Deputy Head of the English Department and is responsible for direct implementation and instruction of the Etonkids English Curriculum to his/her assigned classroom and students (either ages 0-2.5 or 2.5-6). The English Specialist will report directly to his/her Lead Montessori Teacher and develop a team-oriented environment with his/her classroom teaching team.

  • Prepare and create teaching materials each month to match the existing English curriculum.
  • Implement curriculum properly in the classroom and provide feedback to relevant Department.
  • Lead English lessons during scheduled times and provide an immersive English-speaking environment throughout the day.
  • Monitor student progress, ;  identify developmental needs, and maintain a portfolio for each student
  • Attend professional development days and weekly meetings with the classroom teaching team
  • Assist other staff in reviewing and editing English materials, parent letters, and Student Reports
    Greet students and parents at the door (model and practice English) while maintaining a good relationships with parents and keeping them well-informed about the student’s progress.
  • Represent Etonkids and participate at campus, school, and community events as needed.
  • Help cover classes in the event of a colleague’s absence as deemed necessary by the Campus Principal.
  • Fulfill additional duties and responsibilities that are in line with the employment contract as instructed by Etonkids management.

Qualifications, Skills, Experience, and Competencies

  • Native English Speaker or BA/MA in Native English Speaking Country (US, UK,CA,RSA,IR,NZ,AUS)
  • Completed Bachelor’s Degree (Early Childhood Education or Master’s Degree preferred)
    -non-native speakers are required to hold a degree form a Native English Speaking Country (US, UK,CA,RSA,IR,NZ,AUS)
  • Minimum 2+ years in ESL early childhood education experience (preferred)
  • TEFL/TESOL/ELL Certification (unless degree is in TESOL or Eraly Childhood Education)
  • 0-3 or 3-6 Montessori Certification (preferred)


  • Proven communication skills both orally and in writing.
  • Excellent organizational and administrative skills.
  • Team player with respect for diversity.


  • Proven experience in the field of preschool or early childhood education (preferred).
  • Base salary starting at RMB13,500-16,500 (depending on location)
  • 100% Insurance coverage (after probation)
  • Master’s Degree or EMTTA (American Montessori Certificate) scholarship program for Employees
  • Children tuition discount
  • Annual bonuses
  • Professional development within the organization
  • 100% Visa and Immigration support

How to Apply
Contact: International HR Manager SarahVillasenor@Etonkids.com
Additional notes:
Please note that due to current PRC immigration regulations an original BA degree and an original TEFL/TESOL certificate will be required when applying for your working permit.
*The estimated visa process time varies between 2-4 months.
Specific terms and conditions of Employment may be subject to change under PRC labor regulations and internal policy from Etonkids Educational Group.