George Campbell School of Technology Admission / Application 2024

George Campbell School of Technology Admission / Application 2024

School Enrollment

 George Campbell School of Technology is one of the main technology high schools in Durban and is able to cater for approximately 1 000 learners. Some 500 applications for admission to Grade 8 are received every year and, as it is possible to admit only 200 applicants, an assessment programme is used to assist admission.

Our assessment programme is not, in fact, a true assessment programme. Rather, it is a service we provide to the community in that we are able to assess applicants and offer advice as to whether they have the technical aptitude necessary to do well at school. Because of the specialised nature of the courses offered, competency in mathematics and science, as well as technical aptitude, is also required. The school therefore offers a service to parents – the opportunity for their children to sit a professionally-run aptitude assessment programme.  This programme is run by Human Progress Management.
The assessment, which looks at abilities needed in the technological field, can assist parents and their children in making the correct FET-subject choice. The aptitude assessments are written on selected Saturday mornings.
The assessment cannot be failed or passed – it merely gives a sound indication of a technical aptitude. We believe that this information assists parents in their choice of school for their children. Education is important and expensive, and making the correct decision ensures that the child is placed where he/she will achieve best results.
Please remember that we are NOT all technically-minded.Within four weeks of your child doing the assessment, the results are posted to the parents, giving them their child’s aptitude in the various fields. We will then offer you our opinion as to whether this school is suited to your child’s needs. Please accept that our opinion is based on concern for your child’s future educational welfare.
The success of this assessment programme is obvious when our matriculation results are considered.  Our learners perform well when compared to other schools in the district.
The school has a Code of Conduct and it is expected that both learners and parents abide by the regulations. It is important that parents support the school in its efforts to create an atmosphere in which effective learning can take place. It is equally important that learners realise that everyone has the right to a classroom environment in which effective learning can take place. Parents and learners are required to sign the Code of Conduct on admission to the school. Learners are expected to be correctly groomed at all times as per the code of conduct. Click on “Code of Conduct” for more information.
This school is not an `easy option’ and the same examinations are written in Grade 12 as at any other high school. It is of the utmost importance to remember that the basis of any subject – including Mathematics, Engineering Graphics and Design, Physical Science or the Technology subjects – is the learner’s level of language proficiency.  Good reading skills and knowledge of language are both important to gain understanding in all subjects.  Home Language is a pass/fail subject.
Detention is one of the main forms of discipline. It is held on a Friday afternoon for 2 hours after school. If you do not believe in detention or if it would be difficult for your child to detention, please consider other educational options.
The Admissions Secretary
Telephone 031 3322792
Facsimile 031 3682610