IT technician

IT technician

About this job

Minimum requirements:

  • Must have Gr. 12
  • Must have IT qualification
  • Must be excellent in  Windows Software
  • Must Be able to install and configuration of Miktrotik routers
  • Must be able to install and troubleshooting of  Wired and Wi-Fi network
  • Must have a good technical network background
  • Working knowledge and experience of networking components & hardware components
  • Must be fluent in Afrikaans and English


  • Repair of desktop PC’s and servers
  • Installing/troubleshooting/managing all Windows software (Win95/Win98/Win2000/Win ME, Win XP/Win7/Win 07/2000/2003/2007/2010, Win NT/Win 2000/Server/Win 2003 Server/server 2008/ Server 2012)
  • Able and willing to work flexible hours when necessary due to nature of ICT industry

Anna-Belle Ehrke:
€087 944 7340