Milpark Business School 2024 Admission

Milpark Business School 2024 Admission


Heading off on a study path in a particular field? Undergraduate studies refer to post-school education that is offered in the form of certificates, diplomas and degrees. You can access information on the wide range of undergraduate options offered by Milpark Education, grouped by each of our Schools.


Considering furthering your studies in a particular subject area? Postgraduate studies include diplomas and degrees offered to students who have already completed a first degree. Further information on Milpark’s range of Postgraduate Diplomas and the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree can be accessed

Continuing Education

Want to add skills and knowledge to your personal portfolio? Continuing education includes short courses and executive education programmes focused on specific areas of expertise.

Milpark Education also offers courses tailored for professionals who need to meet continuing education targets set by specific industry bodies and professional associations.

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