Mpumalanga University Graduation Dates And List 2024

Mpumalanga University Graduation Dates And List 2024

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Office of the Registrar

Tel: +27 (0)13 002 0035

Fax: 086 527 5421


20 April 2024

Dear Graduand


I wish to confirm that you have complied with all the requirements prescribed for your diploma, and you are accordingly invited to the Graduation Ceremony which will be held as follows:






14 MAY 2024







Please note the date and time for the ceremony. No person arriving late will be allowed into the venue after commencement of the ceremony.

The collection of tickets and academic attire require at least an hour of your time, therefore it is recommended that you arrive at least two hours before the commencement of the ceremony.

For further particulars and important information, please turn over.

For enquiries: please call (013) 002 0034/7 or during office hours.

Congratulations on your success

Yours faithfully


Mr S Legodi




The University’s official colours for the neckbands (hoods) are:

Agriculture and natural Sciences: Olive green.

Diplomates will not be allowed to wear mortar boards (caps).


The dress code for the graduation is “be presentable” and in addition we request all diplomates to wear a special ceremonial gown (black) over their formal wear. It is your responsibility to obtain the correct academic gown and neckband.

Diplomates must have their academic attire on when entering the Hall and will not be allowed to enter without wearing academic attire.

The official university suppliers of academic attire is Dippenaar and Reinecke; they will be in attendance during the graduation day and on Friday, 13 May 2024 on Campus. The attire will be available for purchasing or hiring (Please see attached letter).

For enquiry regarding the Academic attire Contact: (012) 343-2945, Physical Address: Cnr Beckett and Park streets, Arcadia, Pretoria.


The University’s approved photographers will be in attendance during the graduation day. No individual photographers will be allowed inside the hall during the ceremony.

The official university suppliers of photography is:

Gordon Harris Photographic

Contact: (012) 430 3725 or 083 310 5110

1337 Stanza Bopape Street (former Church Street), Corner End street, Hatfield, Pretoria.

Please see attached form from Gordon Harris Photographic


A maximum of three guests per graduate will be allowed. (EXTRA TICKETS ARE NOT AVAILABLE). Guests without tickets will not be allowed into the graduation hall.

Kindly take note that tickets and the academic attire will be available a day before (13 May 2024) on Campus or on the day of graduation (8:00am at the Hall)


Should you wish to graduate in absentia, you will be required to contact the Faculty Administration Officer below to verify your postal details.

Faculty Administration Officer

Ms. J Nkosi

Student Administration Building

Telephone Number: (013) 002 0034

Email Address:


Please bring your valid student card, ID, passport, birth certificate or South African driver licence as proof of identification when collecting your seating card at the venue on the day of your ceremony


Kindly note that the University will not be responsible for fees incurred for travel, accommodation and other arrangements or for the purchasing and hiring of graduation attire.

Kindly make sure that your fees are settled by before the date of the ceremony. Please note that students who owe fees may not be issued with certificates.


1.In the interest of an orderly ceremony, please comply with the following:

You are requested to:

(i)Rise when the Academic Procession enters the hall and to take your seat when the Chancellor gives the signal to do so.

(ii)Honour the solemnity of the occasion by refraining from all distractive activities, including talking, eating, drinking or noisy behaviour during official proceedings.

(iii)Not to interrupt the proceedings by, amongst others, leaving the hall during the ceremony.

(iv)Not to get up and take photographs during the ceremony.

(v)To keep cheering and ululating to a minimum, respecting the fellow congregants

(vi)Make sure that your cellular telephone is switched off during the ceremony.

(vii)Remain standing until the Academic Procession has left the hall at the end of the ceremony.

(viii)Kindly ensure that your guests are seated at least 45min before the start of the ceremony. Guests who arrive once the ceremony has started will NOT be allowed into the graduation hall.

2.The procedure for diplomates is as follows:

Diplomates will follow the order of the names appearing in the programme.

(i)Rise from your seat and follow the graduation leader to the right hand side of the stage.

(ii)Climb the stage and approach the Dean with your hood draped over your left arm.

(iii)Hand over your presentation card to the Dean and wait for him to read out your name.

(iv)Walk up to the Vice Chancellor and stand facing her so that you can shake hands.

(v)Proceed to the Registrar and hand your hood over to him. Turn around to face the audience and wait for the Registrar to drape the hood over your shoulders.

(vi)Your photograph will be taken while the Registrar places the hood over your shoulders.

(vii)Walk down the stage and aisle to receive your certificate from the examinations department officials.

(viii)Return to your seat and remain seated until the dissolution of the congregation.