The Private Hotel School – Fees and Terms

The Private Hotel School – Fees and Terms

Tuition Fees
At The Private Hotel School we pride ourselves of the fact that our course fees are all-inclusive of all the necessary items you would need to successfully complete our courses.

Higher Certificate in Hospitality Management (SAQA NQF Level 5) Year 1 87,900
Advanced Certificate in Hospitality Management or Culinary Specialisation (SAQA NQF Level 6) Year 2 67,500(HM)
Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Education (SAQA NQF Level 7) PER MODULE 5,500
In recognition of the quality of the Higher – and Advanced Certificates, the American Hospitality Academy (AHA) will award their Diploma in International Hospitality Management or Culinary Arts to those who have registered with them and passed all examinable subjects with a minimum of 70%. There is a fee for this registration.
International Hospitality Management Certification Year 1: 87,900 + 8,000 (Registration Fee)=             95,900
Year 2: 67,500 + 7,500 (Registration Fee)=             75,000
Culinary Arts Certification
Year 1: 87,900 + 8,000 (Registration Fee)=             95,900
Year 2: 74,500 + 7,500 (Registration Fee)=             82,000
Food Preparation & Culinary Arts Specialization 4,500
Enrichment Modules PER MODULE 9,900
Enrichment Module: Professional Baking & Pastry 12,000
Enrichment Module: Professional Cooking 12,000
Additional Fees :
Textbooks +/- R3 000 per semester


Occasional Fees (if applicable):
Supplementary exams (per subject) R450
Repeat subjects (per subject) R5200
Lost Student Card / Name Badge R95 each
Recognition of prior learning (per subject) R550
Examination remark R350 (internal) or R600 (external)

A number of activities are planned during the semester, where we strongly recommend our students to participate. These include Hostex, WOSA, Tastes of Cape Town, Gourmet Food Festival, making and tasting of your own wine and other outings and excursions. Please budget for entrance fees and travel expenses (approximate R500 per year).
These tuition fees are effective as of January 2024. The Private Hotel School reserves the right to change, with or without notice tuition and fees as it deems necessary.
Tuition Policy
Tuition fees related to the chosen programme of study at the Private Hotel School as partner school of the American Hospitality Academy—International Hotel Management School (AHA—IHMS) are the responsibility of the student. They are subject to change and any changes shall be published as and when they occur.
Should a student be required to take supplemental or remedial classes, these classes are not part of the normal tuition fee structure and will be at an additional charge. Should a student fail a specific subject, he will have to repeat the subject at an additional charge.
Payment schedule:

  • A non-refundable deposit of ZAR8,500.00 is payable within 30 days from receiving confirmation that your application has been successful.
  • The balance of the course fees (course fees less deposit) must be paid as follows: 25% of the balance is payable during the first week after registration and the remaining 75% is payable before the examination (31 May for January intake or 30 October for July intake).
  • For International Students: Tuition and accommodation fees: One year tuition fees (Tuition fee includes a ZAR8,500.00 non-refundable deposit) and 2 Semesters accommodation fees (if a student is to be accommodated in a residence of the TPHS) must be paid before 30 November / 31 May.
  • Only when a deposit has been paid and reflects in our bank account, will TPHS accommodate applicants with Visa Letter/Study Loan Letters etc.
  • The school follows a strict approach in that students will not be allowed to attend classes or write examinations in the event of there being monies outstanding on their accounts.
  • Payment for recognition of prior learning must be settled in full before or on the day of registration.
  • Cheques will not  be accepted.
  • Bank charges for payments by way of direct cash deposits or international transfers will be charged to the students’ account.


Bank Details:
The Private Hotel School
Nedbank Stellenbosch
Current account
Account number: 107 136 5711
Branch code: 107 110
Swift code: NEDSZAJJ
The two dates as indicated above refer to the January and July intake respectively.
Regret, no payment options are available to international students. International students are required to pay the full tuition fee by registration day.