Product Development Internship at Raz Tech 2024

Product Development Internship at Raz Tech 2024

Raz Tech is an exciting Cape Town based e-commerce consumer electronics startup. Raz Tech is a brand of excellent value for money consumer electronics accessories with a focus on e-commerce, business supply and retail sales.

We are seeking superstar interns who have a passion for eCommerce, consumer electronics and startups. You must possess strong writing skills, digital inclinations and be able to directly impact the dynamic organisation that is Raz Tech.
We are seeking interns who will directly assist with the development and refinement of our current product offering, develop new products, and plan and implement new product rollouts.
It is a multidisciplinary role that will have you engage with different parts of the organisation to identify new product opportunities, refine our current products ranges and work to ensure our operations and marketing teams support these launches.
As an intern, you will work side by side with our incredible team in building a brave new world! Your duties will include, but will not be limited to:

  • Analysing our current product sales to track growth and identify challenges
  • Developing new product concepts and working with manufacturing to produce them
  • Writing product listings and descriptions for launches on our website and other channels
  • Developing product rollout strategies and implementing them
  • Managing and improving our website and other online sales platforms
  • Finding ways to help us grow and expand the business

What you will get 
As an intern, you will learn more in three months about business in these industries than you will in any role at a corporate. It will put you in a good position to enter the startup space, eCommerce or electronics industry. This would be ideal for an intern passionate about creating and developing businesses and products.
You’ll learn among many things:

  • How to run a business
  • How the product development process works and what challenges there are in developing products
  • Experiment and build a breadth of experience in all kinds of marketing
  • How to analyse product data, ask the right questions and develop workable spreadsheets
  • How to write product information in ways that drive sales
  • How to work with and grow an eCommerce business
  • Understand and work with the major players in these industries, the key people and the way to do business
  • Gain a deep understanding of the electronics supply chain and how it all comes together from production to after-sales
  • You’ll get much better at Excel and writing
  • Understand how to run a company from the exciting moments to the boring details

This is a three-month unpaid paid internship.


  • You must be a good writer and willing to work hard to improve this skill.
  • Proficiency in MS Excel, PowerPoint and Word is mandatory
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Analytical and/or creative mindset
  • Effective communication skills


  • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere is advantageous
  • Experience in eCommerce, consumer electronics, startups or other relatedindustries is a plus

Personal Skills/Attributes

  • Adaptability and a positive attitude
  • Strong desire to learn and willingness take guidance
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Ability to problem solve and figure things out on one’s own
  • Hard working
  • Handle pressure, prioritise and multi-task
  • Professionalism
  • Keen interest in startups, consumer electronics or telecoms
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Great sense of humour
  • Inquisitive and persistent
  • Love of new projects and things
  • Self-starter
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