Saheti Schools Admission /Applications 2024

Saheti Schools Admission /Applications 2024

Admission Requirements

The application form must be accompanied by the following:

  • R350 administration fee (not refundable) paid via EFT
  • Credit Consent and Therapeutic Interventions forms
  • Copy of pupil’s most recent school report
  • Copy of pupil’s birth certificate
  • Passport-size photo of pupil
  • Latest statement from current school
  • Copies of father’s, mother’s and/or guardian’s ID document/passport including work permits/visas for non residents


On acceptance of your child at SAHETI School please note:

A Compulsory deposit equivalent to one term’s fees is payable in advance. This deposit will be retained by SAHETI until your child leaves the school and until all financial obligations to the school have been met.

Admissions Secretary:


Operating Hours for Admissions Office:

  • Monday: 09h00-13h00
  • Tuesday: 09h00-13h00
  • Wednesday: 09h00-13h00
  • Thursday: 12h00-16h00
  • Friday: 09h00-13h00