University of pretoria Public lecture 2024

University Of Pretoria Public Lecture 2024.

University Of Pretoria Public Lecture 2024,the Faculty of Education at the University of Pretoria cordially invites you to its public lecture by Professor Maria Eduarda Duarte from the University of Lisbon in Portugal. The theme for the lecture is ‘Sustainable decent work and life design’, and it forms part of Prof Duarte’s visit to the University under the Visiting Professors Programme.
Date: Thursday, 8 June 2024
Time: 09:30–10:30
Venue: Aldoel 1, Groenkloof Campus, University of Pretoria.
‘Jobs, jobs and jobs are the dividing line in many families between a decent life and a wretched existence. They are, to many, the difference between self-esteem and helplessness.’ (Nelson Mandela, President’s budget debate, Parliament, Cape Town, South Africa, 20 June 1996).
Currently we are seeking answers to some challenging questions:
a.            How can career and life-design interventions contribute to ensuring sustainable, decent work?
Answers revolve around trying to examine the impact of the differences between self-esteem and helplessness, in other words, how does the relative importance of individuals compare with the relative importance of their contexts?
b.            What are counsellors able to do in this regard, and how should they do it?
The answer depends on how counsellors believe they should utilise the anticipation (as a task) of what they need to develop theoretically and apply practically in real-life contexts.
Since the task of defining the appropriate realm of sustainable, decent work must be a multi-disciplinary exercise, a pluri-methodological approach must be considered. Examples of how this aim can be achieved will be discussed.
The presentation will be followed by a discussion of some of the challenges related to the anticipation of a better future.