women in nuclear south africa

women in nuclear south africa

What is WINSA?

WINSA is an organisation of women in the nuclear industry.

How does WINSA fit in with other organisations for women?

WINSA has the same objectives as other organisations for women – that is to better the under-representation of women in their respective sectors.

How does WINSA improve the progress of women in nuclear-related fields?

By providing better training that will empower women to be able to lead better lives.

What does the logo mean?

South Africa is known as a country of diversity and culture. The hands holding the atom symbolise the multiracial society we live in. To demystify the fears and concerns around nuclear energy, we have used the image of two hands to symbolise that anything that can be held can be used peacefully.

What are the challenges facing WINSA?

The main challenges are to change the mindsets and behaviour to promote the realisation that women have potential.

Who is allowed to join WINSA?

Both women and men can be members of WINSA as long as they have the same objectives. If I am a member of WINSA and I change jobs to one outside the nuclear industry, will I still be allowed to be a member? Of course.

How is the organisation funded?

WINSA is dependant on DoE and other organisations in the nuclear sector. If there are any other donors, they are welcomed.

How does WINSA promote and market itself?

WINSA promotes itself through holding workshops, talks, conferences.

How can the general public benefit from WINSA?

The public benefits from gaining more knowledge about nuclear energy.

What organisations support WINSA?

The South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa), Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (PBMR), National Nuclear Regulator (NNR), and Eskom.

How will non-grid electricity customers benefit from the free basic electricity policy?