University of the Wits Corporate Student Sponsorship and Support

University of the Wits Corporate Student Sponsorship and Support

Wits University offers corporates the opportunity to contribute to infrastructure, academic and student support through donations and sponsorships. Read more about the benefits of supporting Wits.
Donating Bursaries and Scholarships
Donations are tax deductible, philanthropic contributions to the development of the national skills pool. Companies can donate to a student support fund to assist academically performing students in financial need or may establish prestigious, endowed scholarships that ensure ongoing development of particular skills, for example, industry related skills, into the future.
To find out more about donating to the Student Support Funds, click here. To learn more about Prestigious Scholarships, click here.
Sponsoring the HR Talent Pipeline
Sponsorships are contributions that allow companies to derive commercial benefit (marketing, skills, B-BBEE and tax) while contributing to developing their own, or the national, skills pool.
Companies can sponsor students for:

  • the company’s HR talent pipeline (future employment agreement with the student)
  • academically performing students in financial need (no future employment agreement)

Visit the Corporate Support Portal below to advertise student funding opportunities and graduate recruitment schemes. You can include links to your company website and tailor the application processes to ensure only matching students apply.
Wits publicises all talent opportunities to the Wits student body through various channels including Wits social media.
Corporates: to advertise your sponsored bursaries and scholarships click Corporate Talent Portal
Students: to search for bursaries and scholarships click Search for Bursaries & Scholarships
Important Corporate Student Support Considerations:

  • For donations, the relevant Wits department will shortlist candidates, and the donor will select the beneficiaries for non-discretionary scholarships such as the Prestigious Scholarships.
  • Wits will distribute donations to the discretionary Student Support Funds to where the funding is most needed.
  • Where contributions are bona fide donations, donors may not request refunds from students that perform poorly in a particular year of study.
  • For sponsorships, agreements are signed between the sponsor and the student beneficiary, and between the University and the sponsor.

For more information, please contact us
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